Foundations Pastry and Eggs

A comprehensive course focusing on pastry and eggs   Lets face it - if you can make pastry, you can make all

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1/2 Day Bread

A quick beginners course focusing on the basics of bread and how to make a good loaf   This course was born

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Perfect Pie Course

There is nothing better than a piece of pie....   It can be a meat pie, stuffed with pork, chicken or game,

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1/2 Day Knife Skills

A half day course dedicated to knives....  ....the different materials used for knives, various styles and shapes and their uses as well

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Foundations Bread Course

Bread - the staple food for centuries, the staff of life.  Bread comes in many different guises, from flat bread to tortilla,

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1/2 Day Baking Course

1/2 Day Baking course - a quick beginners course focusing on the basics. Do you go out for coffee and are constantly

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A Taste of the Middle East

A Taste of the Middle East 4th September. Modern Middle Eastern Cookery has been made popular by Yotham Ottolenghi and before that

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