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Cookery Book ‘Veg for Vitality’

My cookery book 'Veg for Vitality' is here! There is nothing more delicious or colourful than fresh seasonal vegetables! For years,

Cookery Book ‘Veg for Vitality’2022-02-18T11:53:40+00:00


It's harvest time on farms all over the country, winter barley is probably all harvested by now, but spring barley, wheat and oats are still standing in the fields...


6 Salads for Summer

When I think of salads, they've come a long way over the years. I remember as a little girl, my mum

6 Salads for Summer2020-07-27T10:41:24+00:00


July and we're into holiday season, thunder storms, Wimbledon and the Tour de France. Why does the weather always break just as the schools break up?


Black Cherry Clafoutis

Black cherry clafoutis is one of those iconic French summer desserts. It's a marriage of plump, ripe cherries swathed in a

Black Cherry Clafoutis2020-07-27T13:25:36+00:00

Poached Eggs

What could be more versatile than a poached egg? The humble egg is a power house when it comes to nutrition.

Poached Eggs2021-02-17T12:16:29+00:00


June - Where has the time gone?? From rippling fields of wheat & barley to hanging baskets, strawberries, asparagus and stone fruits, here's what I have been making in June.


Nut Rissoles

Nut Rissoles These are delicious vegetable burgers tried and tested over many years. Eat them with or without a bun. The

Nut Rissoles2020-06-08T11:18:06+00:00

Stuffed Focaccia

Red Onion & Chorizo Stuffed Focaccia The first weekend of Covid19 lock down easing was my Mother's birthday at the beginning

Stuffed Focaccia2020-06-01T14:44:04+00:00