I ready enjoyed myself this morning taking part in the Greek Meze cookery course. We made three different dishes and the 2 hour session was well planned out so that w could pace ourselves, account for detail and ask questions and chat if and when there were questions. The ingredients were available in advance to help be organised and ready and though I’d not made any of the dishes before I was able to watch and ask and show what I was doing too. I finished up with a lovely lunch and a great feeling of achievement and now I know I can make these dishes again. I’m very tempted to look at what other classes are now on offer and could easily get into this as a regular way to spend some time. Very relaxed and easy going course. Thank you.
Tina – Online Mid Week Greek Mezze
I did the Thai cooking class with Jenny via Zoom on Wednesday evening. I’m not completely new to cooking thai food but doing a starter, main and rice from scratch wasn’t something I’d attempted before.
The class started at 5pm and within minutes my kitchen was filled with the most amazing aromas and that was just for the starter.
Jenny calmly and confidently guided me through preparing my dishes and everything just fell into place. I picked up so many great tips as we chatted and it was great being able to ask questions as we went along.
By 7pm, the dishes were done, wine was poured and I was able to sit down with my family to the most delicious thai meal. I can’t recommend this course highly enough and can’t wait to do the next one. Thank you Jenny.
Amanda – Cook & Eat Thailand
Great night, thanks for all the hints and tips … many taken onboard, was a little sceptical about the online format, but your movable camera and the whole evening worked great so was so easy to see and follow along … most important of course was just how tasty everything was  thanks Jenny.
Jon – Online Cook & Eat India
Really enjoyed the Beautiful Bread course. Learned a great deal of do’s and don’ts so very useful. Looking forward to home-made bread when flour is available. Jenny is a great tutor, I would recommend her courses to everyone. Planning the next one now x
Jackie – Online Beautiful Bread Workshop
I really enjoyed the Beautiful Bread workshop you ran via zoom a week past Sunday. It’s the first cookery class I’ve done (since school) and it won’t be the last. It felt like you were in my kitchen along side me, it was so easy to stop and ask questions. I’ve never had the confidence to bake bread so this course was just the ticket. I would highly recommend it.  My kids will testify, I can now make beautiful  bread.
Thank you Jenny.
Amanda – Online Beautiful Bread Workshop
Would highly recommend the evening. Challenging great fun and had plenty of opportunity to ask for clarity.  Many thanks
Lorraine – Online Cook & Eat Spain
Great class, Jenny, thank you. Fantastic tips throughout, pastry was super easy, food tasted fabulous and I will use the recipes again.
Gill – Online Cook & Eat Spain
Enjoyed this evening’s cooking session enormously.  I didn’t manage to grab a photo before food was swooped upon but will try to recreate something with what’s leftover for lunch tomorrow – want to send some to my son and his Spanish girlfriend too.  Great recipes – will certainly use again and again.  Thank you
Janice – Online Cook & Eat Spain
Another fab on line Masterclass by Jenny. I had a great time, learned lots of tips from Jenny’s great experience and made some very tasty bread and rolls. Anyone thinking about doing this or any of Jenny’s course’s, then I cannot recommend highly enough. Great fun during lockdown too!!
Hanniffia – Online Beautiful Bread Workshop
Attended the on-line Cook and Eat Asia course last night. Jenny made it so easy to follow, the food was delicious, and I learned to make rice in a way I haven’t before, it was great. So I will be making these dishes regularly. Thank you Jenny, I will see you again soon.
Jackie – Online Cook & Eat Asia
I took part in eat the Middle East cookery class and it was great fun! Would highly recommend taking part in one of these online classes. The end result was very tasty and will definitely be making the recipes again. Thanks Jenny!
Jill – Online Cook & Eat The Middle East
I did a Cook and Eat India online course with Jenny last week and thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a very social way to learn some new skills, Jenny is such a patient teacher, and to top it off there was a fabulous meal ready at the end to eat with my husband. Book one, its great fun. Invite some friends, make it social!
Alison – Online Cook & Eat India
Don’t wait, just do one of Jenny’s online cookery sessions. I learnt loads, had a heap of fun and 2 hours whizzed by. Excellent and well worth it. Top value and ended up with some outstanding food.
Janet – Online Cook & Eat India
It’s a great, in-depth look at making pasta (and more) and is delivered in a nice, laid back manner.
Joe – Taste of Italy
Very informative. Enjoyed the experience, dishes well chosen with good range of flavours.
Christine – The Curry Collection
Relaxed, Informative, Delicious.
Catherine – The Curry Collection
Really relaxed atmosphere and a brilliant opportunity to learn valuable knowledge.
Joe – The Curry Collection
Would recommend the course, lot of tasty recipes. Gives a good understanding of all items of fish preparation & cooking.
Jackie – 1/2 Day Fish
Enlightening on ease of using fish
Kate – 1/2 Day Fish
Fun & delicious
Mags – 1/2 Day Fish
Do it, you’ll have a lovely, relaxing, enjoyable day.
Jackie – Knife Skills
Fantastic – I’ve enjoyed myself SO much. Definitely do it, it’s great!
Catherine – 1/2 Day Winter Warmers
I would say it is amazing and would totally recommend them going there.
Yasmine (12) – Custom Class
Brilliant day, covered many techniques and different breads. Day was well structured which enabled so many breads to try. Timing was key.
Lisa – Intermediate Bread
I would say don’t hesitate, book immediately, you won’t regret it! We learn’t many interesting tips and skills to extend our knowledge.
Caroline – Custom Bread Masterclass
A very good day to learn a lot – and produce high quality product ‘Food for thought’
Andrew – Custom Bread Masterclass
Great fun, time flys – do it!
Graeme – Taste of India
I’d recommend it. Good, clear explanations and ability to explain the reasons behind the techniques and purposes of the various ingredients.
Malcolm – Winter Warming Pies & Tarts
I would highly recommend this course. I have had a terrific day and have learned so much. Thank you Jenny.
Jill – Taste of The Middle East
This would make an excellent gift for someone who enjoys cookery. Great selection of courses.
Angela – Taste of The Middle East
I would recommend this class 100%
Mojgan – Taste of The Middle East
Fabulous day, it felt friendly, personal and the time flew! Best cookery course I’ve been to.
Lisa – 1/2 Day Bread
I would highly recommend it. Fun, informative, lots of techniques and ingredients covered. Great value for money.
Mhairi – Taste of Japan
Jenny, thank you for today. I thoroughly enjoyed your course. I appreciate the hard work that has gone to designing a one course that really needs 2-3 days. As you probably are aware, I like making bread so for  me today was perfect! I feel that know I can produce that sourdough on demand and the tips that were imparted will embolden me to tackle the other fabulous bread options. My daughters have tasted the results of today and just want more! So time to get bread making!!
Thanks again
Fergus – Advanced Bread

Fun and informative so attend a course. The personal interaction with tips and knowledge gained from experience and an extra something that is not easily obtained from books and the internet.

Fergus – Advanced Bread

I’d recommend it, to expand and cooking repertoire, improve existing practices and pick up professional hints. Jenny was good at talking around the broader subject not just to the task in hand.

Malcolm – Advanced Bread

Relaxing and enjoyable day creating delicious food!

Mair – Taste of Italy

Today I cooked restaurant standard pies – and am now confident that I can do the same at home – and I can’t wait to try it!

Bernie – Super Summer Tarts & Pies

Really enjoyable and informative – would definitely do another course. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Garry – Expand Your Repertoire

Thank you for an interesting day – you are so clear, calm and easy to follow.

Louise – 1/2 Day Sushi

Relaxed, quiet atmosphere. Very much appreciated.

Susan – 1/2 Day Sushi

Really enjoyed my day, would recommend to friends.

Janet – 1/2 Day Bread

Hugely informative, lots of content, plenty to take home! comfortable asking questions, brilliant venue.

Ruth – Custom 1/2 Day Bread with Italian

It was brilliant and you should definitely go. It was lots of fun and you learn loads.

Emily (12) – Custom 1/2 Day Bread with Italian

It was really fun, helpful and taught me great stuff.

Millie (12) – Custom 1/2 Day Bread with Italian

Really informative but really relaxed – a great way to spend time with my daughter & friends!

Julie – Custom 1/2 Day Bread with Italian

Perfect pace, well instructed. A delightful course. Thank you

Jackie – 1/2 Day Bread

A great course, good recipes that I will definitely use again.

Gareth – Custom Gluten Free Taste of Italy

Good Fun! Some good recipes for a coeliac.

Stephen – Custom Gluten Free Taste of Italy

Great afternoon, informative, relaxed and will definitely be trying what we have learnt about today.

Alison – Custom Taste of The Middle East

This has been a great day, enjoyed myself, learnt a lot and had a laugh as well!!

John – Custom Taste of The Middle East

Excellent pace & engagement.

Jean – Custom Taste of The Middle East

Great experience. Enjoyable & very instructive. Thanks Jenny!

Philip – Custom Taste of The Middle East

Wonderful intro into Middle Eastern cooking with a family banquet to take home at the end.  Well definitely make these recipes again.

Dawn – Taste of The Middle East

Highly recommended if you feel a bit unsure about your skills. Great fun and have learned a lot.

Catherine – Expand Your Repertoire

Have a go, I’ve learnt so much!

Mike – Expand Your Repertoire

Relaxed atmosphere and great tuition.

Ian – Custom Family Day

It’s a great thing to do, you learn different skills and you would like to go back all the time. I learnt how to cut fast. It was excellent. Thank you for teaching me how to cook different things. I would love to com back.

Saskia – Custom Family Day

Excellent course, learning about knives, great instructions given, very relaxing.

Isobel – Custom Family Day

Thank you for teaching us how to cook different meals, it’s a good skill to learn, also gets you more comfortable with cooking in the future. We will come back to try your delicious meals again.

Patience – Custom Family Day

Fab, well worth it and a lovely way to spend a morning.

Clare – 1/2 Day Bread

Very enjoyable!

Brain – Taste of Italy

A really enjoyable day – thank you.

Jill – Taste of Italy

Thank you for a very helpful cooking demo

Eloise – Taste of Italy

Thank you for a great day today Jenny, the girls & I really enjoyed it, not too much or too tiring, just ideal!! X

Donna – Taste of the Middle East

I had a lovely morning, it was fun.

Linda – Taste of the Middle East

A great morning spent with good friends and a lovely combination of foods made.

Ann – Taste of the Middle East

Well done to all who attended, good day!

Peter – Knife Skills

Enjoyable and relaxed class came away with lots of new skills and recipes as well as tips for adapting recipes with alternative ingredients.  Highly recommended!

Mair – Knife Skills

An excellent, interesing day – good fun, giving confidence to a beginner!

Martin – Knife Skills

Informative, entertaining and so very, very, enjoyable!!

Janet – Knife Skills

Great day, time flew by, entertaining.

Frances – Bespoke Team Building

Thoroughly enjoyed the day and learned lots of new skills.

Alison – Bespoke Team Building

Very relaxed and enjoyable.  Great to learn something new.

Jill – Bespoke Team Building

Very entertaining/practical course and very innovative!

Alex – Expand Your Repertoire

Brilliant experience and would love to come again.  Jenny was very helpful & friendly.

Paul – Expand Your Repertoire

Thanks so much Jenny. I had a really good day today and got so much new knowledge and skills. The best Christmas present ever. Looking forward to next course

Laura – Expand Your Repertoire

Quite one of the most informative and rewarding days that I have spent in ages.  Very much recommended!

Janet – Foundations Bread

Can’t wait for the next one in a couple of months!

Jenny – Foundations Bread

A thoroughly enjoyable day with lots to learn with no pressure to succeed, but I did!

Dave – Foundations Bread

Excellent size (no of attendees), great instruction and personal tuition.

Beverley – Foundations Bread

Enjoyed my Christmas present from Dougie (husband). Loved the hands on and very relaxed way Jenny welcomed us, and talked us through the day. Thought I could make bread? Now I can, with some more practice, and the knowledge Jenny shared with us. Also, enjoyed the delicious Leek & Butternut squash soup served with freshly baked soda bread with cheddar cheese & chives yum! Thank you very much Jenny

Rosemary – 1/2 Day Bread

Very enjoyable, relaxing course, thoroughly enjoyed and very informative.

Rachel – 1/2 Day Bread

Enjoyed the day very much, lovely homely atmosphere, looking forward to tasting the bread this evening.

Rosemary – 1/2 Day Bread

A great learning experience that will improve all the bread I ever make.

Patrick – 1/2 Day Bread

Very calm, very informative course, gives confidence for knife skills. I’m really pleased I came to your course – it has perked up my interest in food preparation again and I’m looking forward to building on what you taught us and taking advantage of my new skills.

Jennifer – Knife Skills

Enjoyed the day, a lot more confident now the gluten free ingredients.

Marta – Gluten Free Bread & Baking

Dear Jenny,

I just wanted to say thank you for The Individual Gourmet cooking course.  I have really enjoyed it and it has helped me so much!  I didn’t really know how to use herbs etc to change my fairly bland cooking into something much more tasty!  The recipes have been so easy to do as well and I feel now I can follow and adapt a recipe with much more success.

I wanted to improve my cooking skills so that my grandchildren could enjoy good home cooking and now I feel that I am achieving this and enjoying cooking.

I am sure I will be on another of your cooking courses soon and many thanks once again.

Aileen – The Individual Gourmet

Thank you so much for the lovely dinner last night at Dairsie, we loved your food, so delicious. Think my friend had a fab hen do, the meal was a highlight. Thanks again,

Lynne – Bespoke Dinner

Been a busy few weeks where I’ve hardly been home to try this out, but it’s Bank Holiday so I’ve had time to shop & cook!

Have to say, this is inspiring! I’ve just made the Piedmontese Chicken & it was delicious & so easy!

I’d got into bad habits of scrambled or poached egg or avocado toast for my evening meal, but it was getting boring.

Thank you for waking me up to another option. Xx

Diane – The Individual Gourmet

Loving the Individual Gourmet – makes me a great cook instantly. Very very easy to follow – try it – you won’t be sorry

Janet – The Individual Gourmet

I had a great day baking bread. Five different things & I am now going to look for my next day here.

Pat – Foundations Bread

Thank you for a lovely informal and inspiring day.  Looking forward to going home and trying the recipes myself.

Lesley – Expand Your Repertoire

Fantastic day – loved the small group size & relaxed environment.  Lunch was fab, too!  Thank you.

Debbie – Autumn Baking

Loved it here today.  The amount of knowledge & food was immense!

Hazel – Autumn Baking

Really enjoyed the day, easy to remember hints.

Karen – Autumn Baking

Thank you so much – I learnt loads and couldn’t believe how many different breads we were able to make in just 1 day.  I now have lots of tips for how to do more baking at home.

Anna – Foundations Bread

Everything is explained to you really well, Jenny has the patience of a saint, nothing is foo much for her.  I would highly recommend attending any of her courses.

Freda – Foundations Bread

Very enjoyable, lots of tips, would highly recommend anyone who has an interest in cooking to go along to one (or more) courses.

Freda – Pastry & Eggs

A great day – thank you!

Fiona – Bespoke Patisserie

Thank you.  A most rewarding day and now we need to hold on to that inspiration.  A haven of delights and tranquility!

Lindy – Bespoke Patisserie

Most enjoyable day, with a wonderful meal to finish.  I would definitely come back for more.

Elaine – Taste of the Middle East

Another culinary masterpiece introducing us to the Taste of the Middle East.  A great experience.

Louise – Taste of the Middle East

Another great course, very informative and we will go away with lots of new ideas.

Dave – Taste of the Middle East

It was a gift as I enjoy cooking and this has enabled me to learn about an area that I was wary of.  I enjoyed that it was a small group and the explanations on how grains etc work together was very useful.  also sharing what the consistency of a cake filling etc should look like is a great help.  I also was glad to be part of ‘experimental’ Victoria sponge – this shows that we all have to keep trying – I tend to give up when it doesn’t go well.  Very good course, thank you.

Tracy – Gluten & Dairy Free

A really great fun day.  I enjoyed myself  immensely & can’t wait to share the food with my family.

Suzanne – Expand Your Repertoire

It was great, couldn’t fault the day. Proceeded with things I had only ever dreamed of. A+++

Stephanie – Expand Your Repertoire

Excellent course & guidance.  Feel very enthused about cooking again.  Thank you very much!!

Andy – Expand Your Repertoire

It has been a very enjoyable informative course  I am more confident to cook gluten free.  Thank you

Pat – Gluten & Dairy Free

Brilliant day. I’ll definitely be back!!

Jenny – Advanced Bread

Thank you. I found the advice, tips and instructions fantastic. Hopefully I will be able to translate some of the recipes into my work.

Jura – Advanced Bread

Absolutely fantastic day with Jenny & clients in her kitchen. Very enjoyable

Louise – Advanced Bread

A small class, with good instructions and any questions answered no problem.

Yvonne – Bread

We had a great day with super results and I am coming again for the bread course.

Pat – Taste of Italy

Excellent course, covered everything I wanted to know.  Friendly, relaxed atmosphere as well.  I will be coming back for more.

Susan – Sushi