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Tutorial – Cooking Beans & How to Make Them Less Gassy!

Dried beans are great store cupboard staples, but inconvenient if you forget to soak them overnight. They also have a bad reputation for causing gas. Here's a quick cook method that cuts the overnight soaking and the gas!...

Tutorial – Cooking Beans & How to Make Them Less Gassy!2020-01-29T14:49:25+00:00


January - a new year, new intentions and looking forward to longer days...



December's full of festive cheer with rich & boozy food. I love taking food and drink ideas and giving them a healthy slant, suitable for everyday eating. Here is what I've been making and my family have been eating in December... 



November - a month for snuggling up with the fire on, crisp frosty mornings and rain... Here's what I'm making in November.



October brings chill winds and cold rain, giving us cravings for winter warming soups, pies, casseroles and cakes. Here's what I've been making in October...