Do you want to eat more healthily, but don’t know where to start?

Are you struggling to lose weight and don’t know why or how to do it?

My E-book is packed full of information and help to get you started.

As a cookery teacher, food consultant, nutrition adviser and advocate for making your own, people often tell me they would love to eat healthily, but don’t know where to start.

It’s tough if you work full time and have family at home who quite often have completely different likes and dislikes.  Or maybe you live on your own and find the inspiration and effort to cook is just eluding you.  Quite often it is easier to let everyone choose their own ready meal for an easy and quieter life, or pick at snacks throughout the day rather than make the effort to cook a proper meal.

I wrote this free e-book to empower and inspire people to get into the kitchen and make more delicious food from scratch.  It’s my philosophy on eating and body management and is packed full of good reasons why you should eat healthier, hints and tips on how to make the daily grind of family meals easier and valuable information on losing weight.

Here are my 5 essential steps to get started.

1.  Why We Should Eat Healthily

Our busy lives revolve around work, kids, play and just life.  We need to eat to live, but what are we putting into our bodies and how does it affect them?  It’s easy to reach for a ready meal, tin or packet, but is it actually a good choice?


2.  Different Food Groups

So you keep hearing stuff on the radio, in the news papers, on the television about food that is bad for you and that you should be eating healthily.  No one actually elaborates and tells you what you should be doing.  Find out what proportions of fats, proteins and carbohydrates you should be eating and how your body uses them.


3.  Proportions of Food Groups and Portion Control

Portion size can vary from tiny to huge, usually with cheese on top.  Find out what proportions of the different food groups to eat and a simple way to measure them.  I bet you never realised how much you were eating.


4.  Some Things to Start Doing to Become Healthier

Going cold turkey with anything can be daunting, if you love your biscuits and chocolate and wonder how you’re ever going to give them up, here are the beginnings.  Start slow and change gradually, you’ll suddenly find you no longer crave those old ‘must have’ foods.


5.  How to Manage a Healthy Diet Whilst Working Full Time

There is just not enough time in the day and everyone is tired when they get home, but with a little preparation and a bit of thought, healthy, home cooked meals can be as quick as ready made ones.


These 5 steps are the beginnings of a healthier life.  Going forward over the coming months I’ll be posting recipes and hints and tips along the way.  So sign up today!


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