There is nothing better than a piece of pie….  pork-pie

It can be a meat pie, stuffed with pork, chicken or game, some herbs and spices to add flavour with tasty jelly around the inside of the pastry crust.

A pasty in your pocket, warm from the oven, calling your name for lunch time.

Juicy vegetable pies made with crisp nettle-filofilo pastry – light and delicious.

Or a sweet puff pastry pie – pithivier or turnover, think of apples, hazelnuts and chocolate.choc-hazel-pithivier

On my Perfect pie course I show you how to make our own hot water crust, shortcrust and puff pastry, which we make into a hand raised pork pie, pasties and pithivier.  As well as making a Greek inspired filo pie, which depending on the season could contain spinach, nettles or broccoli….

The day includes tea, coffee, a light lunch, recipes and as many hints and tips as we can fit in.