1/2 Day Bread

A quick beginners course focusing on the basics of bread and how to make a good loaf   This course was born

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Perfect Pie Course

There is nothing better than a piece of pie....   It can be a meat pie, stuffed with pork, chicken or game,

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1/2 Day Knife Skills

A half day course dedicated to knives....  ....the different materials used for knives, various styles and shapes and their uses as well

1/2 Day Knife Skills2015-04-27T13:10:05+00:00

Foundations Bread Course

Bread - the staple food for centuries, the staff of life.  Bread comes in many different guises, from flat bread to tortilla,

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1/2 Day Baking Course

1/2 Day Baking course - a quick beginners course focusing on the basics. Do you go out for coffee and are constantly

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A Taste of the Middle East

A Taste of the Middle East 4th September. Modern Middle Eastern Cookery has been made popular by Yotham Ottolenghi and before that

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Nettles, Early Spring Nutrition It's spring time and the ideal time to do a bit of foraging. Along with wild garlic,


Roast Asparagus with Smoked Bacon

Asparagus season is now starting in Scotland and usually runs from May until the middle new season, fat asparagus spears -

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