Sweet Cicely

Many, many years ago, before Courses For Cooks was a twinkle in my eye, I watched a cookery demonstration from a

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Baked Potato Wedges

Ever need a bit of inspiration with potatoes?? Sometimes in my house they are one of the few things left in

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Vegetable Couscous & Rice

There is a real trend just now for vegetable spaghetti, rice and couscous.  Go along the supermarket prepared veg isle and

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Winter Cranberry Streusel

This cake originates in Germany, it’s a baked light cake topped with seasonal fruit and topped with a crumble topping.  I tend

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Evening Indian Cookery Supper Club

A new event at Courses For Cooks  An evening of cookery, food and conversation! Wednesday 16th September 6pm to 10pm. India is

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Foundations Pastry and Eggs

A comprehensive course focusing on pastry and eggs   Lets face it - if you can make pastry, you can make all

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