A new event at Courses For Cooks 
An evening of cookery, food and conversation!
Wednesday 16th September 6pm to 10pm.
India is a vast country with a great diversity of climates, cultures, peoples and geography.  It is the rich tapestry woven by Indian culture which gives its cuisine its unique place in culinary history.

Indian cuisine has been shaped over the centuries by many forces.  Religion – of which there are many practiced in India, has had a profound influence often giving instruction as to the food to be eaten by followers.  Devout Hindus, for example, will not eat beef because Indian mythology depicts the cow as a sacred animal.  Muslims will not eat pork and their religion defines exactly the manner in which animals must be killed for food.  the different races which at one time and another have invaded the country also brought their influence to bear on the cuisine.  The Mughals from Afghanistan brought exotic spices and dried fruit and nuts, the Persians brought Dhansak style, and the Kashmiris contributed numerous vegetarian dishes.
An Indian themed evening, starting at 6pm.  Come along and work as a team to make a delicious Indian meal from scratch.Vegetable Samosas

Suitable for all abilities, this is an evening of short demonstrations and hands on cookery.  We’ll start with mixed vegetable samosas and spinach raita, making our own gram flour samosa pastry.
Moving on to chicken and papaya curry, a lighter, fresher curry from northeast India and Kofta curry, popular all over India, made with lamb.  Both of these dishes can be made either mild or spicy. 

Cauliflower Curry
Along side the main dishes we will make our own naan, a mixed vegetable undhiyo originating from Gujarat in western India and fragrant rice

Finishing off in the traditional Indian style with a platter of fresh fruit to cleanse the palate

veg curry

You’ll be able to take home the recipes to make all the dishes again.

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I look forward to seeing you!