The Individual Gourmet 4 Week Online Course


The Individual Gourmet

An online cookery course that helps you turn everyday ingredients into inspiring dishes.

Created for busy people who like good food, want to eat more healthily, but don’t know where to start, have a small repertoire of dishes, are fed up eating the same things, but lack inspiration, or resort to ready meals.

It’s designed to take the thought out of the daily grind of cooking, help you spend less time in the kitchen & achieve a healthy diet.

The Individual Gourmet includes:

  • 4 weekly menus of 3 delicious, easy, quick, nutritious recipes for 1 or 2 people so that you can fit your cooking around your life & not feel you’re slaving over a hot stove!
  • A bonus recipe every week to use up the odds and ends and reduce waste
  • Short ‘how to’ videos for every recipe
  • Extra ‘how to’ video on chopping to help you become a quicker, more efficient cook.
  • Shopping list for fresh & store cupboard ingredients, so that you can quickly include ingredients to your weekly shop & have everything you need to make a dish
  • Adaptations, so that you can swap ingredients in case there’s something you don’t like or can’t eat
  • Hints & tips, to help you become a better, more intuitive cook
  • Calorie & nutrition information, so that you can see how healthy the recipes are
  • One to one online help if you need it
  • Access to two additional months at a discounted rate.


I just wanted to say thank you for The Individual Gourmet cooking course.  I have really enjoyed it and it has helped me so much!  I didn’t really know how to use herbs etc to change my fairly bland cooking into something much more tasty!  The recipes have been so easy to do as well and I feel now I can follow and adapt a recipe with much more success.

I wanted to improve my cooking skills so that my grandchildren could enjoy good home cooking and now I feel that I am achieving this and enjoying cooking.

I am sure I will be on another of your cooking courses soon and many thanks once again.

Aileen – The Individual Gourmet

Been a busy few weeks where I’ve hardly been home to try this out, but it’s Bank Holiday so I’ve had time to shop & cook!

Have to say, this is inspiring! I’ve just made the Piedmontese Chicken & it was delicious & so easy!

I’d got into bad habits of scrambled or poached egg or avocado toast for my evening meal, but it was getting boring.

Thank you for waking me up to another option. Xx

Diane – The Individual Gourmet

Loving the Individual Gourmet – makes me a great cook instantly. Very very easy to follow – try it – you won’t be sorry

Janet – The Individual Gourmet



A recorded, online cookery course that helps you expand your repertoire & turn everyday ingredients into inspiring dishes.