The big carving pumpkins are no good for eating, they are too watery & flavourless. Look for the culinary ones, often different shapes, colours and sizes with drier, more flavoursome flesh.



Pumpkins... Pumpkins and squashes are a fairly new vegetable to Scotland, having been introduced over the last 20 years


Green Pea & Mint Salad

Green Pea & Mint Salad The humble pea is probably one of my favourite vegetables.  I grow both sugar snap and

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Monkfish Antipasto Skewers

Monkfish Antipasti Skewers These skewers are very versatile, I've made them many times, using different ingredients such as haggis, black pudding,

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Vegetable Couscous & Rice

There is a real trend just now for vegetable spaghetti, rice and couscous.  Go along the supermarket prepared veg isle and

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