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Sourdough Bread

Tutor:  Jenny Thomson

Created for  beginners and people who are comfortable with the bread making process, but want to go to the wild side of yeast and tackle sourdough.
Sourdough is slow food taking three days to make. In this class, compressed over half a day, with both practical and demonstrated elements, we cover the sourdough process from start to finish, including how to make and keep a sourdough starter, fermenting, folding, shaping and baking your sourdough bread. Pre-ferments, sponges and poolish are also covered.

By the end of this bread class you will be able to make a great loaf of sourdough bread and know:

  • What equipment is essential and what can be improvised
  • Which flours are the best to use and why
  • How to tell if your starter is active enough
  • The quantities of water needed
  • How salt works in a dough and how much to use
  • The best way to knead your dough.
  • Fermenting your dough, what’s happening in the process, how long to leave it and how to knock it back.
  • Shaping your dough into basic loaves.
  • Different slashes and coatings to dress your loaves
  • How to bake the loaves, temperatures and timings
  • How to tell when a loaf is cooked, how to cool and store it.
  • You’ll take home a completed loaf and dough to finish the next day.
This course is suitable for complete beginners, anyone who lacks confidence or is having disasters with their sourdough bread. A good place to start!
Course times 10am to 2pm.
Price for 1 person £185
Price for 2 people £297
Price for 3 people £397
Price for 4 people £497

Classes are open to all and make fantastic gifts!

Choose and purchase your desired class, either a 1 to 1 class, or up to 4 people. Contact us for availability & booking.

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Walk on the wild side of yeast with sourdough!