In Person Fantastic Fish

3 Spaces

Fish is a dazzling challenge – many varieties and endless ways of cooking them…

Tutor:  Jenny Thomson

Suitable for complete novices and those who are fairly competent but feel they have a skills gap. On this day course, Jenny will be teaching you about round fish and molluscs. How to bone, prepare and cook them and how to make a fish stock.
We will be making
Balinese Spiced Mussels
Pancetta Salmon
Seared Sea Bass with Tomato Ragu
Skills covered:  Filleting flat fish, stock, pan frying & roasting fish, cleaning & cooking mussels, knife skills.
Course times 10am to 2pm
Price for 1 person £160
Price for 2 people £257
Price for 3 people £357

This course can also be adapted for gluten free diets.

Choose a date to suit, for up to 3 people from 1 household.

Contact us for availability & booking.





Love eating fish & shellfish, but not confident when it comes to preparing or cooking it? Join this class to see exactly how to do it perfectly every time…