In Person 1/2 Day Taste of Asia

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1/2 Day Taste of Asia

Asian food is on trend just now, it’s quick to make, healthy and nutritious.

With lots of hints, tips and recipe ideas, there’s some for lunch and some to take home for later

Thai Chicken Coconut Soup

Vietnamese Lemongrass Pork Skewers

Chilli Dipping Sauce

Burmese Chicken Curry

Fragrant Rice

Course Times 10am to 2pm

This course can also be adapted for vegetarian or gluten free diets.

Choose a date to suit, for up to 3 people from 1 household.

Price for 1 person £150

Price for 2 people £247

Price for 3 people £347

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NEW! Discover how to cook a selection of great dishes from around Asia…