How Do You Choose A Juicy Lime?

Limes are small, round, green citrus fruits often used in Mexican, Middle Eastern, Thai and Indian cuisine, they have a sour taste and cooling properties, perfect for counteracting hot chilli flavours, cutting through sugary, creamy desserts and making a refreshing drink.

If you’ve ever bought limes and discovered that they are hard as bullets and dry as a bone, here’s how to pick a ripe one.

  1. Limes turn a lighter greeny yellow as they ripen, so look for limes that have smooth skin, a bit of a shine and a yellow tinge to their skin.
  2. The lime should feel heavy for its size and give slightly when squeezed.
  3. A ripe lime will have a ‘limey’ smell.
  4. Avoid any limes that have a rough skin, wrinkles, soft patches, bruises or decay. Not surprisingly are past their best!

How to get the most juice from your lime

Now that you’ve chosen your perfect lime, how do you make sure you end up with as much juice as possible?

There are three things you can do, this also works with other citrus fruits, lemons, oranges and grapefruits.

  1. Roll the lime back and forward under the palm of your hand with a light pressure a few times on your work top. This helps to break the down the fibers.
  2. Microwave the lime on high for up to 15 seconds, this softens the skin and flesh, making them easier to squeeze.
  3. Use a reamer or juicer with sharp edges to break the membranes in the flesh and release the juices.

The Best Way to Store Limes

Limes and any citrus fruit are best stored in a plastic bag or container in the fridge. If they’re in the fruit bowl, any citrus will lose moisture and turn dry quite quickly.