January Beautiful Bread Workshop


Baking a great loaf of bread is a challenge, it is an achievement and sometimes it doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to…

Tutor:  Jenny Thomson

If you’ve been trying to make your own bread, are having disasters or you haven’t taken the plunge because you you’re lacking confidence, this workshop will set you up for success.

A half day course dedicated to making a great loaf of bread.  Especially for beginners, but also suitable for anyone who’s having disasters and wants to discover why.

Jenny will take you through the principles of bread making, explaining the ingredients, methods and techniques for great results. Helping you produce top quality beautiful bread that will have you bursting with pride and satisfaction!

All you need is bread flour, yeast, salt, water & an oven. You can choose your favourite flours to make your own loaf of bread and we will also make some of the dough into rolls.

We won’t be online for the whole time, there will be gaps while our dough ferments, proves and bakes.

The class will be held over Zoom. You will be sent a joining link, ingredients and equipment list 7 days before the class.

By the end of this bread workshop you will be able to make a great loaf of bread and know:

  • What equipment is essential and what can be improvised
  • Which flours are the best to use and why
  • The different yeasts and how to use them
  • What liquids to use and the quantities needed
  • How salt works in a dough and how much to use
  • Other ingredients that can be added to bread and the best way to do this
  • How to mix and knead your dough, different techniques depending on the dough you’re producing.
  • Fermenting your dough, what’s happening in the process, how long to leave it and how to knock it back.
  • Shaping your dough into basic loaves or rolls
  • Different slashes and coatings to dress your loaves
  • How to bake the loaves, temperatures and timings
  • How to tell when a loaf is cooked, how to cool and store it.

All you have to do is purchase ingredients and make sure you have the necessary equipment to hand.

This course is suitable for complete beginners, anyone who lacks confidence or is having disasters with their bread making. A good place to start!
Course times 10am to approx 3pm.

Bread courses can also be booked as a Custom group session. Arranged at a time to suit you. Contact me  for prices and to arrange a date.

Another fab on line Masterclass by Jenny. I had a great time, learned lots of tips from Jenny’s great experience and made some very tasty bread and rolls. Anyone thinking about doing this or any of Jenny’s course’s, then I cannot recommend highly enough. Great fun during lockdown too!!
Hanniffia – Online Beautiful Bread Workshop


Sunday, 31st January

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A perfect Sunday activity for January. Stay warm & cozy! Learn how to produce top quality beautiful bread that will have you bursting with pride and satisfaction!