Cook & Eat The Middle East


Set the table, light a candle, open a bottle of wine and make yourself a delicious meal in the comfort of your own home.

Tutor: Jenny Thomson

In this time of isolation it’s too easy not to bother.

Food is especially difficult if you don’t have anyone to cook for, or you’re used to going out for a weekly treat

Join Jenny online when she will guide you step by step to create a delicious evening meal, which will be ready to eat after the class ends.

This evening we are visiting The Middle East and making:

Spinach & Sumac Pastries

Chicken, Squash & Almond Tagine

Middle Eastern Carrot Salad

Jewelled Rice

Recipes are for two people, so if you’re on your own, there’s enough for another meal. Or you can double up the ingredients to feed more.

Class times 5 – approx 7pm.

The class will be held over Zoom. You will be sent a joining link, recipes with dietary, alternative suggestions and an equipment list 7 days before the class.

All you have to do is purchase ingredients and make sure you have the necessary equipment to hand.

So set the table, light a candle, open a bottle of wine, roll up your sleeves and join Jenny ready to make a great meal.

Exclusive group sessions can be arranged at a time to suit you. Contact me  for prices and to arrange a date.

Wednesday, 17th June

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Create a delicious meal during an online, live, tutored cookery class from the comfort of your own home…