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Not everyone has the time or ability to come to a cookery class.

Are you pushed for time, or my course dates don't suit?

Do you wish you could be a better cook?

Would you like to have a wider repertoire of dishes?

Do you find that you eat the same things day to day and week in, week out? 

Do you find you eat a lot of ready meals and want to eat more healthily?

Do you go to the fridge, open the door and close it again because nothing inspires you?

Are you eating rubbish because you canít be bothered to cook?

Do you avoid certain foods because they come in large quantities and you get tired of eating them?

Do you batch cook every week and want to find some different ideas?

Are you too busy to cook, but enjoy good food, so fall back to ready meals?

Do you wish you could be a better cook, but donít know where to start?

Are you discouraged by standard recipes for 4 people as you tend to be tired of a dish by the time it gets to the 4th meal?


The Individual Gourmet is designed to address all of these issues and help you produce delicious, interesting, healthy dishes with the minimum of fuss and maximum flavour.  It is an online series of recipes, shopping lists and instructional videos for you to do in the comfort of your own home, whenever it suits you.


It is a collection of recipes arranged into weekly menus with a weekly shopping and store cupboard list so that waste is minimal.  The dishes use every day ingredients, are simple and quick to prepare and cook, some can be prepared in advance, in others, elements can be prepared and stored or frozen for use later.  All the recipes have an accompanying video and are for 1 and sometimes 2 people. If you're needing a bit of help or advice, you can email or Facebook message me.


It doesnít replace a full weeks-worth of meals, because you donít want to be slaving away in the kitchen every night. You can choose to prepare the meals when you have time.


The Individual Gourmet is not a weight loss programme, although the recipes are all calorie-counted and come with adaptations for gluten and dairy intolerances.  There are hints and tips to make your cooking better and a bonus recipe to use up the odds and ends.


Portion sizes are standard so if you are doing a lot of physical activity or have a tiny appetite, the recipes can be scaled up or down to suit.


The programme lasts 3 months so that at the end you will have an extensive repertoire of dishes that you can recreate again and again.  You can start back at week 1 and work your way through the menus again or dip in and out of random weeks as you feel like it.

Love food, love cooking, be inspired.

Join now to access recipes, videos, shopping lists, hints and tips to rejuvenate your repertoire and give your cooking a new lease of life.

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The Individual Gourmet
Join now  to access recipes, videos, shopping lists, hints and tips to rejuvenate your repertoire and give your cookin...